“Extensible” Data Collected With Fillable PDF Forms

[icon xe019 class=”big alignleft”]It’s obvious to anyone who has completed a “fillable form” PDF document that they are a quantum leap forward from old-style forms that require hand-written response. Forms are used for collecting data- if the quality and accuracy of your data is dependent on the handwriting skills of the end user, you are in trouble. The fillable form not only allows accurate interpretation by human readers reviewing individual forms, but is “extensible”, as the form field data from multiple forms can be exported into spreadsheet format for further review and analysis. This extensibility increases the value of your data

This increase in accuracy and efficiency creates immediate cost savings in data management for any organization that is currently using paper and pen to collect form information. EDCS specialists can quickly and economically convert your existing forms into interactive fillable forms, with the additional benefit of remediating the documents to ensure Section 508 compliance.